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Along with the thanks for your preference and to give the most warm welcome. We informs to him and it solicits to have the consideration of this internal regulation

  • 1. This complex is essentially for the family; therefore, passengers /o invited visitors must respect the norms of social coexistence and moral convention. Also we request. To conserve and to maintain the bungalow in perfect conditions during his stay. The rational use of the facilities implies to cooperate in the maintenance and cleaning of the bungalow and spaces surrounding.
  • 2. The administration will serve to the users following: Clothes of bed, towels and set of dishes. The towels single are for internal use therefore its use in another place is prohibited. (Example; swimming pool, spas or beach) When receiving the bungalow. UD It will count on toilet paper, Soap of dressing-table with your respective supply.
  • 3. Any deterioration or loss of the inventory; Towels, clothes of bed, leave from the set of dishes, key or remote control caused during his stay, It must be paid in reception.
  • 4. If the amount of lodged passengers were modified will have to inform it previously, it expresses authorization in Reception, paying the difference corresponding to the amount of passengers. (Permanence during day 50% and the night the 100%).
  • 5. All the passengers who do not carry luggage will have to cancel early.
  • 6. Any other service will be with additional position to the client, who will have to be cancelled. (Telephone Laundry, Calls, Mini bar and TV channels. Additional).
  • 7. In its bungalow you it has calefone to gas (by norm one is outside the bungalow) a kitchen and a heating engineer of shot balanced to Gas (stove) we suggested to Him not to manipulate it and to ask for the attendance of the receptionist in case these devices do not work.
  • 8. To give to warning immediately to the administration any breakage, flaw or abnormality that affect the bungalow that occupies.
  • 9. To deposit, in the places qualified for such effect, the wastes in closed sweepings bags.
  • 10. This prohibited using electrical plates, stoves or other articles, the washing of automobiles and/or washing of clothes. The washing that UD do in the bungalow, will be loaded to its account. Our laundry will take care of the necessities of our clients tasteful.
  • 11. Not to produce noises or annoying injurious emanations. The passengers and their guests will have to respect the schedule of silence, settled down between 22:00 hrs. Until 09, 00 hrs. Of the following day.
  • 12. Not to introduce to the interior of the bungalow inflammable or dangerous elements for the people. Therefore thisprohibited to smoke within the bungalow. In the terrace or balcony in front of the cabin, it counts on a ash tray on the table.
  • 13. The inner door closes to 23:30 hrs. If you think that its return is after the closing. Ask for a remote control for its entrance.
  • 14. Cabaņas Bungalowlandia: do not take responsibility by the loss of personal objects, money or other values that our clients kept in their rooms. Its bungalow counts on a safe-deposit box, that is in its room (married).
  • 15. Daily chambermaid will order and make the cleaning in its bungalow, will make the corresponding changes or replacements, or of towels or sheets. As far as possible to leave the cabin free so that a good cleanliness is done to him. In case of not making abandonment of the bungalow, cleanliness will not be done to him
  • 16. When wanting to retire of the establishment we requested to warn to him opportunely in reception (Annexed 10).The check in is to 14:00 hrs. The fact to arrive before of the stipulated hour it does not force at any moment for making his delivery.
  • 17. The schedule of check out in high season. (January and February) he is to 11:00 hrs. Average and low season to the 12:00 hrs. Making the delivery effective of the key in the reception. In case of not giving the bungalow to the estimated time, an additional day of which will be received to him it will not be able to make use.

Thanks for its preference and to consider this regulation, that this within the established norms, since this helps us to improve our services. If you collaborate respecting this Regulation, will make possible one better attention of the company. Their suggestions or commentaries, will be Welcome, asks for the book of suggestions to the personnel of Reception.